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Case Study

Introduction to patient history

'An inconceivable pain’ says Mr. Wadhera, when he not only grimaces at the memory but swears by his heart too. And that’s no wonder because that was the day when he met an acute heart attack.

Mr. Wadhera’s journey with Dr. Anurag Sharma, a renowned cardiologist at the Ojas Hospital was started back in 2011 when the former was rushed into the Hospital with chest pain. His accompanying family members were astounded when they got him here. The patient suffered from a complete blockage in the main artery and heart failure. His condition was too severe that could only be addressed by a proficient cardiologist.


Performing Angioplasty to save the patient

This was the moment when Dr. Anurag Sharma undertook the case and successfully led it thereafter. As the patient was dwindling between death and life, his case required prompt action. Fortunately, with his expertise, Dr. Anurag recommended to operate him in order to provide ventricular support to the patient’s failing heart. Subsequently, the cardiac surgeon opted for and performed angioplasty and stenting of the affected artery.


But prior to that, the doctor took all the necessary actions to stabilize the patient. Proper medications for blood-thinning and relaxation were given to the patient to avoid any further complications in the procedure. Once the patient was sufficiently stabilized, Dr. Anurag performed the complex procedure of coronary angioplasty and stenting to wide open the chronic blockages of the patient’s arteries and restore his heart’s native blood flow.

Angioplasty is mainly focused on the widening of the narrowed blood vessels, which is also considered as a minimally invasive procedure. Since the patient’s coronary artery was completely blocked, the surgeon placed a stent in the same.

This was to open the artery and reduce the chance of further attacks. Besides this, the doctor also took every necessary step to coat the stent with medications so as to avoid any further chances of restenosis.

After a couple of days, the man who was rushed into the hospital hopelessly, walked out of the hospital with his family happy and contented. Today, when the doctor meets Mr. Wadhera, who is now 84 years old, both of them feel absolutely gratified.

How the patient is leading a happy life after Angioplasty

Mr. Wadhera is grateful the entire staff of the Ojas Hospital and most importantly to Dr Anurag Sharma, for saving his life. “Dr. Anurag possesses an incredible bedside manner,” says Mr Wadhera. Furthermore, when Mr. Wadhera visits Dr. Anurag for his routine checkups, he never fails to express his gratitude to the doctor for his phenomenal job.

Such successful stories of the patients showcase how important it is to get a prompt action from an expert at the hour of need. However, Mr. Wadhera continues to live a healthy life with his left ventricular of the heart functioning, normally. The proficiency of Dr. Anurag Sharma in angioplasty, stents and balloon catheters, makes him a commendable cardiologist in Chandigarh. Furthermore, he feels proud of his profession, when he looks at his patients leading their lives healthily.